In Africa, businesses pay 40% more and take over 1 month longer to move and manage international freight transactions. Freight transactions are managed OFFLINE. So we’re changing the game — by aggregating and organizing all freight and trade services through 1 digital channel, all while delivering seamless and personalized experiences. Move freight, get financed and trade all around the world — all at your convenience.

By eliminating weak linkages, we can deliver shipments faster and transparently. Because every business should be able to afford exceptional and coordinated freight experiences.

How we started

The spring of 2015, our founder Tonye Membere-Otaji…

Lagos, Nigeria: MVX, the Nigerian digital freight booking and trade finance technology startup, has partnered with a leading SMEs lending platform, PayHippo, to expand trade finance opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses in Nigeria.

The partnership seeks to accelerate trade in Nigeria and generate positive economic outcomes for the largest economy in Africa by empowering SMEs, especially the underserved, with easy and affordable, collateral-free loans to supercharge their businesses and create more economic opportunities for the country. MVX and PayHippo have disbursed over 5 million Naira in trade finance to a Nigerian SME as a result of this partnership.


How much difference would the right freight forwarding company make to your business success?

Takbal Inc*, a Nigerian coffee plantation and export organization, has customers in Europe, Asia, and America. If it can ship its high-quality coffee beans to waiting customers across the world on time, the company would increase its revenue by 35% year on year. But that exactly had been its challenge for years.

Finding the freight forwarding agency that offered all the end-to-end products and services Takbal needed to ship its coffee beans from plantations in Taraba State to customers in Europe and America was like looking…

“The way we built it (our technology) is to be extremely simple. We try to strip down any complications.” — Tobi Amusan, CTO, MVX.

How do you approach a problem as complicated and multi-faceted as the logistics situation in Nigeria with technology? What should your technology solve? How do you create a user experience that satisfies the uniqueness of your customers and their environment? What about the cost in time, resources, and energy?

How do you build an empathetic technology that answers the challenges of African shippers at little to no cost?

In our obsessive desire and focus on accelerating…

There can be no talk of financial inclusion in Africa without trade finance.

There can be no talk of financial inclusion in Africa without trade finance. Trade promotes economic growth, reduces poverty, fosters economic and cultural links between regions and countries, and facilitates capital movement.

All these are possible when medium and small-size enterprises (MSMEs) can access affordable financial products and services that enable them to exchange goods and services in regional or global marketplaces.

There is proof that financial inclusion models can spur overall economic growth and support broader development goals in emerging economies. In fact, financial inclusion features…

“The estimated value of unmet demand for trade finance in Africa is US$82 billion.” — WTO

Africa’s 1.2 billion people account for 17 percent of the world’s population, yet the continent’s share of global Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and trade remains at 3 percent. To put that in context, Africa, with fifty-four countries and economies, has a GDP roughly the size of the GDP of the United Kingdom.

Although Africa is rich in human and natural resources, the continent remains underdeveloped across many human and economic indicators. …

Lagos, Nigeria: MVXtransit, a multi-product logistics booking platform, with a presence in Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, and Rwanda, announces its rebrand and reintroduction as MVX, today.

The former MVXtransit is a digital platform that provides land haulage, freight forwarding, and customs brokerage as its services. With the launch of this rebrand, MVX is also introducing its embedded trade finance service to SMEs in Nigeria.

Founder and CEO, Tonye Membere-Otaji, says, “MVXchange as an organization fixes critical supply chain frictions in the African trade and energy industries. We are growing and seeking to deliver more to Africa. However, our…

“I’m just a man with a million light bulbs”

That’s a phrase I often used to describe myself while I was Cofounder and Creative Director at a previous startup.

In 2015, I wrote about an idea. An online marketplace that would provide charter, sales, recruitment, and general support to the oil and gas industry in West Africa and called it MVCharter. Between then and 2017, I put in a lot of effort into making this idea a success but after a few failed trials, I gave up on it.

2018 brought with it the inspiration to try again, this time…

How would you like to conveniently create a shipment or request for a quote without the stress of navigating an internet browser? It can be time consuming right?! The thought of how stressful it can be for some of our ever busy users brought about the creation of Tania, Africa’s first freight booking chatbot.

One might ask why WhatsApp? With 192 million users, WhatsApp has become the most popular mobile app on the African continent ( a whooping 30% of internet users). …

After ascending the number two position as managing director at the World Bank, it is obvious Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala would have a wealth of experience in handling international trade negotiations in her new role as the Director General of WTO (World Trade Organisation).

Many Africans, especially Nigerians see this development as an opportunity for the country to be better positioned in the global trade market.

There is a strong belief that she would spearhead this new position with structure and coherence based on her past records as a two time finance minister of Nigeria; where she led the team which negotiated…


MVX is a tech-powered end-to-end trade company, financing transactions and handling shipments for SMEs around Africa.

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