Freight Forwarding and Logistics: 3 Incredible Reasons MVX Should be your Partner

5 min readJul 13, 2021

How much difference would the right freight forwarding company make to your business success?

Takbal Inc*, a Nigerian coffee plantation and export organization, has customers in Europe, Asia, and America. If it can ship its high-quality coffee beans to waiting customers across the world on time, the company would increase its revenue by 35% year on year. But that exactly had been its challenge for years.

Finding the freight forwarding agency that offered all the end-to-end products and services Takbal needed to ship its coffee beans from plantations in Taraba State to customers in Europe and America was like looking for a needle in a haystack. It was costly, time-consuming, and most often than not, the agencies it found were not reliable. Over the years, it had lost millions of dollars in potential revenue because of this.

The market, you see, is very competitive across sectors. It does not matter what you sell or the quality of your customer service; you have to get your product to your customers at the right time to succeed or risk the competition edging you out. The right goods + The right place + The right time is the perfect recipe for success in the trade sector (and of course, in any industry)!

Think trade, think MVX

The Right Needle in the Haystack: Why We should be your First Choice Freight Forwarding and Logistics Partner

Takbal Inc* had a target and was focused on capturing the full benefits of producing and exporting coffee beans in Nigeria. The organization reviewed its logistics processes and adopted a lean model that cut costs and optimizes delivery time through a Nigerian digital freight forwarding and logistics company that offers aggregated, end-to-end freight forwarding and logistics solutions. It ended up saving $5000 in logistics costs while completing its shipment at least two weeks faster than usual.

Freight forwarding and logistics make a world of difference when done right. Not only would it enhance the competitive advantage of your business, but it would also generate numerous growth opportunities. With that in mind, here are why you should let MVX handle your freight forwarding and logistics processes.

  1. Save Cost, Maximize Business Revenue

Many organizations, like Takbal, come to us not just because of our competitive prices but also because they need us to help them design an efficient freight forwarding and logistics process that impacts positively on their bottom line. They want to eliminate the cost incurred from a fragmented freight forwarding system the logistics sector in Nigeria currently faces.

Our solutions are tech-powered and extremely easy to use. With Tania, our WhatsApp chatbot, for instance, you can book a shipment in less than 5 minutes on your phone — removing the need to make endless phone calls to numerous agents. You can also track your shipment via Tania and on our web application! Beyond our innovative technology, we offer freight forwarding and logistics solutions all in one place. Meaning you don’t have to worry about logistics after completing your freight forwarding processes. We’ll handle that for you!

2. Power Business Success with Quick Turnaround Time

In trade, time is of the essence. A minute lost can spell the difference between success and failure in the marketplace. We know this at MVX, and we built our solutions to respond to your needs with speed and deliver your shipment faster than the average industry timeline. Excellence is non-negotiable for us, and we are transparent about our processes, events, and pricing to the extent possible. We do not leave our customers in the dark!

We built solutions like Tania and our instant quote feature on our website to aid quicker turnaround times and enable you to book your shipment with ease and speed. We leverage emerging technologies to optimize our shipment booking processes and deliver faster response time. Also, our staff are industry experts, and we use our broad network of logistics partners to ship your products on time and with the right technical expertise. Your success is our success.

Create shipments with Tania on WhatsApp

3. Customer is Really KING

What are the chances you’d have a superior customer experience with MVX? Ninety-nine percent, surely! Before we set out to create any product or deploy any service, we always ask ourselves; how would this make life and business a lot easier for our customers? If it does not pass our 99% customer satisfaction benchmark, we do not execute! Such is our dedication to superior customer service.

We are not invested in delivering the best service simply because it is the right thing to do. Besides this, we understand how stressful the freight forwarding and logistics terrain is in Nigeria and how frustrating it is for you. So we take this understanding and turn it into products and services that significantly reduce your shipping trouble. You’ve done a great job producing high-quality products. MVX is where you come to ease your logistics stress 99% of the time.

What does it Take to Partner with Us?

Little. It takes little or nothing. The astonishing thing about our technology is that we designed it to meet you wherever you want. We have a simple and intuitive website and a website feature that delivers instant quotes to you in less than 5 minutes after booking your shipment. It is accessible any day, any time.

To further drill down to your preferred location, we built an automated WhatsApp chatbot, Tania, where you can book your shipment anywhere, any time, and on your mobile phone. It takes less than 5 minutes to complete as well. Aside from these, we have products and services developed with you in mind to help you achieve your business goals at little cost and with the best experience possible. We do not compromise on any of these.

Take your business to a new level today. Connect it with us. Tap here to get started or tap here to chat with Tania on WhatsApp.

*Name of the company has been changed.




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