MVXtransit Launches Africa’s First Freight Booking Whatsapp Chatbot

2 min readFeb 19, 2021

How would you like to conveniently create a shipment or request for a quote without the stress of navigating an internet browser? It can be time consuming right?! The thought of how stressful it can be for some of our ever busy users brought about the creation of Tania, Africa’s first freight booking chatbot.

One might ask why WhatsApp? With 192 million users, WhatsApp has become the most popular mobile app on the African continent ( a whooping 30% of internet users). We launched Tania WhatsApp chatbot as an affordable, convenient and inclusive mobile solution to the bustling nature of small business owners in the freight space.

Typically, an African businessman/woman is more likely to use WhatsApp than a mobile browser or any other app to communicate with employees, family, friends or business partners because it is easy and flexible.
We discovered that these users required a faster and semi-structured way to sign-up, publish and track freight shipment requests on while on the move. Leveraging research data and insight, building a WhatsApp chatbot was a no-brainer for our Tech & Product teams.

With Tania,

  1. You get signed up automatically to our MVXTransit platform
  2. You can request for a quick quote
  3. You can create shipments swiftly
  4. Tracking your shipment is now possible and easy

We are seamlessly connecting African businesses to global trade at MVXchange. Give Tania a try for your next import, export and land haulage shipment!




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