How to Use Technology for Efficient Supply Chain Management

4 min readJul 22, 2022

Automate processes, eliminate costs, and increase ROI with tech.

MVX: How to use technology for efficient supply chain management

Supply chain disruptions negatively impacted the businesses of 75% of companies in the US, according to an Accenture survey on the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on global supply chains.

While companies reeled from the effects of this unprecedented supply chain crisis, the Russia-Ukraine war happened. The war rolled back some of the little recoveries the sector had made.

Companies, supply chain managers, and logistics personnel are now reimagining their supply chains for better performance in uncertain times. And technology is at the core of the shift.

Supply chain efficiency and resilience are the goals of businesses in this new dispensation. They are using technology to optimize their processes and increase return on investment.

In this article, you’ll learn how to use technology for efficient supply chain management. But first,

What is Supply Chain Technology?

Supply chain technology is any digital tool businesses use to simplify their supply chain processes. The tools help companies work better and achieve set goals.

Tania is an excellent example of supply chain technology. It is the first freight booking WhatsApp chatbot in Africa.

MVX: Create shipments requests on WhatsApp with Tania

How to Use Supply Chain Technology for Efficient Supply Chain Management

  • Simplify and Automate Processes

The supply chain ecosystem is in a constant state of flux. Automation technologies are critical now more than ever. By helping you to simplify your supply chain process, they remove ambiguities and allow you to make better decisions.

Supply chain technologies like Tania help to eliminate tens of menial tasks that take time and cost money.

Companies that use Tania and our supply chain management dashboard have increased their supply chain efficiency by more than 30%. They’ve cut time and labor costs, reduced human errors, and had more control over their supply chain.

  • Gain Supply Chain Visibility

If there’s any takeout from the ongoing global supply chain crisis, it is that companies need to make tracking the rule. Supply chain efficiency is elusive without end-to-end visibility.

Visibility technology reduces uncertainties. It helps businesses to anticipate challenges and make informed data-backed decisions.

MVX provides shipment tracking and visibility solution for companies. Our customers have customized dashboards that help them visualize their supply chain to make better decisions and increase efficiency. It has saved them a lot of stress and money.

  • Improve Customer Experience

Would you’ve thought supply chain technology could also help with customer experience?

Customer satisfaction is a hallmark of quality supply chain management. Delivering consistent value to your stakeholders helps your bottom line.

Supply chain technology helps you predict customer demand patterns and puts you in place to meet their needs while maintaining efficiency across the board.

MVX ‘s tech-enabled products are helping businesses in Africa to move freight easily and deliver value to their customers anywhere in the world.

Strengthen Your Supply Chain with MVX Technology

Companies across the world are experiencing supply chain disruptions. 94% of Fortune 500 companies have had their supply chains disrupted due to the COVID-19 pandemic alone.

Technology gives businesses new capabilities and helps them to navigate market uncertainties better.

At MVX, our products simplify international trade and enable African businesses to trade with less hassle. Companies that use our technology reduce operational costs and get more return on investment.

Connect to global opportunities with MVX tech-enabled products and services today. Tap to get started for free.

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